Volunteer Confidentiality Pledge

Notice to Employees:

As a volunteer of SLI you may have access to information pertaining to the men and women SLI serves and/or employs.  SLI maintains a strong stance regarding the confidentiality of such information.  Each of us must comply with HIPAA’s privacy protection. Please read the following pledge and agreement, and then sign your name below to indicate your understanding and agreement.

I, will maintain as confidential, any information relating to any function I perform as a volunteer for SLI obtained either verbally or in writing through activity.  I understand that I may discuss such information with other SLI personnel who have a need to know.  In my communication regarding persons served, I will strive to present information to meet the person's needs or enhance services in a positive manner.

I understand that SLI maintains a strong stance regarding confidentiality and appropriate communication.  I understand that failure to maintain information as confidential may result in termination of my volunteer position and reporting, if required, to responsible entities.

In addition:

  1. During my volunteer time with SLI, I may become aware of confidential information related to the business of the agency. Such information is recognized to be the property of SLI and I agree to hold such information in trust and solely for the benefit of SLI and not to disclose such information to others, either during or after my volunteer work with SLI.
  2. This agreement shall continue in any subsequent employment with SLI
  3. If I leave employment with SLI, I shall not take any tangible evidence of confidential information or data belonging to or under the control of SLI.