Targeted Case Management

Targeted Case ManagementTargeted Case Management is dedicated to ensuring children and adults are achieving their goals.  SLI has seven case managers who provided case management for 182 children and adults.  

Staff assists individuals and their families to develop and implement a person centered support plan, identify services and help maintain eligible state and federal funding with monthly meetings and advocate for medical services.  Case managers have an average caseload of 30 clients.  SLI has access to professionals trained and educated for autism spectrum disorders, mental health and behavioral supports and planning.

We have trained SLI staff in social work, psychology, human services education, professionals with nursing education and a licensed mental health technician.  The Targeted Case Management program works with each client to best serve their needs. We offer services that reflect individual interest and support individual growth.


Who are the services for?  

SLI serves individuals 5 and up with intellectual disabilities.

What will a SLI case manager do for my family?

The SLI Case Manager will:

  • assess your loved one to verify eligibility and determine services needed
  • develop a specific support care plan tailored to their needs
  • do a referral and look at related activities such as how to obtain services and schedule appointments as needed
  • monitor and follow-up on activities

How do I start?

You call the office of Shawnee County Community Developmental Disabilities at 785-232-5097. They will determine eligibility and give you a list of providers in Shawnee County if you are approved.  SLI can help you set up appointments as needed.

Did you know?

You have the right to be involved in transitioning your child between schools which includes:

  • if your child may be eligible for KanCare
  • if your child may be eligible for Social Security
  • if your child may be eligible for Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • requesting additional services specific to your child's needs
  • stating your preference in schools and classroom environments

For further information contact:

Tim Gorton
Director of Support Services
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(785) 233-2566


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