Job Training

Job TrainingJob Training Program is provided for clients that commit to a 24-module curriculum that emphasizes work ethics, interview skills, and appropriate behavior. This program pays minimum wage with a job coach for individuals that want to find community employment.

Job TrainingThe module curriculum is set up with job readiness modules that focus on job development and general vocational skills, a combination of skill-building with hands-on learning, classroom participation, and computer programs.

Each client learns what is expected of employees, interview skills, appropriate behavior/grooming, resume building and how to fill out a job application.

Clients are encouraged to choose work that appeals to them. Job training is giving our clients the opportunity to learn skills within their abilities, make choices and learn responsibility. The program's three work areas include janitorial, auto detailing, and landscaping.

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Tandy Kimbrough
Vice President of Community Integration Programs
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(785) 233-2566

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