Community Living

Community LivingCommunity Living Program began in 1972 with the opening of our first home, which provided a home for twelve men and women from Topeka and surrounding areas. Today, we serve over 99 men and women ranging from 18 – 84 living in 21 homes owned by SLI.

Community Living


We provide services for our clients 24/7/365 days a year with a family home atmosphere. The services include a safe home, trained staff, transportation, medical supplies, nutritional meals, and the opportunity for the residents to do activities together. Our clients have disabilities from mild to profound physical and mental impairment and we provide individualized staffing patterns depending on client needs. SLI staff provides 4,000 hours per week in services.

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Joni Fitzpatrick
Vice President of Community Living
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(785) 233-2566

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