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Community Integration Program

Community Integration ProgramCommunity Integration Program (day services) focuses on life-enhancing activities, active learning and community involvement. The program keeps individuals engaged in activities, volunteering in the community, learning daily living skills and teaching responsibility.

The program serves 55 clients. The clients volunteer over 800 hours a month for Meals on Wheels, Helping Hands Humane Society, Let’s Help, Topeka Rescue Mission and many more.

CIPClients are encouraged to:

  • engage in a variety of activities
  • choose learning experiences
  • volunteer in the community
  • learn nutrition
  • learn daily living skills
  • learn responsibility

Services are designed to promote learning, growth and independence and reflect individual interests. All aspects of life are valued and we look at all of the above plus relationships, exercise and personal interest knowing good emotional and physical health makes the lives of our clients better.

Below are stories of how our clients continue to grow each and every day.


Rena, a beautiful individual and a resident of SLI, had a lifelong dream of attending a Janet Jackson concert. She follows Janet daily and in 2017 she was able to attend her concert at the Sprint Center in Kansas City. With the support of SLI donors and staff, Rena’s dream came true! ServPro, one of our community partners, donated a night’s stay in Kansas City for Rena and staff.

If one were to ask any question about Janet Jackson, Rena would have an answer. When asked about her favorite thing in regards to Jackson, Rena responded, “I like the way she dresses, puts on makeup, and presents herself. She’s classy.” Besides listening to Janet Jackson, Rena likes to draw and read. Eating and listening to music outside is quite relaxing for Rena. According to Rena the best part about CIP is the computer room because she can research her favorite singer. She learned from Janet that everybody needs a retreat place to go to when you’re upset.


Melissa has been at SLI for 34 years. In 1964, Melissa was diagnosed with congenital familial sensory neuropathy with anhidrosis. Melissa learned to read, write and became quite educated. At 18, she graduated from Topeka West High School and her parents decided it was time for her to grow and develop further independence away from their home. At this time, Melissa moved to SLI and became more independent with the support of SLI staff.

With the help of SLI, Mellissa was able to get a job and learn how to ride the bus to get to work. This allowed her the ability to be independent, which was a dream come true. When Melissa chose to attend our Community Integration Program (CIP) she did not want to take part in any activities, talk to anyone and isolated herself in a room. The CIP team offered her activities and almost immediately saw positive changes. Melissa now participates in many activities each day such as art and craft projects and trips to the store. She continues to grow and wants to do more!

The above stories show how SLI and CIP staff support our clients. We are always looking for ways to offer more opportunities for our clients to gain independence. With new technology and numerous resources we build new and motivating experiences into every day. The CIP area has an accessible computer lab, full kitchen to learn cooking skills and a job coaching program that is a reflection of the individuals who choose to enroll in our Community Integration Program.

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