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Pathway for Hope: Application

The Pathway for Hope Fund was created by an anonymous/private donor and is managed by the Foundation for SLI board of directors.  The fund’s priority is to provide for needs of persons with intellectual/developmental disabilities living in Shawnee County that otherwise have no other funding source and which all sources of support have already been exhausted.  Priority is given to those receiving services from SLI first.  After those needs are met, the FSLI board and donor may choose to approve other applications if a genuine need and lack of other resources is determined.

A PDF application may be downloaded here: [coming soon!]


Note: If a person is receiving services only from SLI, the application and required documentation must be turned in to their supervisor and processed through the chain of support.

List two references who can attest to the need for the request and the lack of funds available to support the request outside of the Pathway for Hope fund:

1st Reference
2nd Reference


Note 1:     If receiving service from a provider other than SLI, please provide documentation that the provider(s) have been asked to assist with resources for the item requested and their decision/response. The documentation stating what resources they do or do not have available to assist must be signed and dated by that provider and attached to this application.

Note 2:     Applications are reviewed by the Foundation for SLI board of directors quarterly on the third Friday of the following months: January, April, July and October. In order to be considered for a particular month, the application and all required documentation must be submitted to Lisa Jackson by the 10th of the month (or before) in which reviews take place. For example, an application submitted in February will be held until the April meeting for review.

Note 3:     After applications are reviewed, the President/CEO submits the Foundation for SLI’s recommendations for approvals to the donor of this fund for final approval. Once approvals/denials are finalized (generally takes about two weeks after the meeting), the President/CEO will inform, in the case that the applicant receives SLI services, the COO who will then inform the person who applied of the decision. In the case that the applicant does not receive any SLI services, the President/CEO will inform the person who applied of the decision.

Note 4:     Applications submitted without required documentation may be returned, denied, or not reviewed until required documentation is received.