Erin, a Case Coordinator, started at SLI in May 2011. She has held other positions within the organization including Direct Support Professional in the Community Living Program and Community Integration Program. She is a graduate of Highland Park High School and attended Allen County Community college. Erin also has a technical degree in accounting from Washburn Tech.

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Before SLI, Erin was a nanny for four kids and that became her first insight into the IDD field because three of the four kids had been identified with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
Erin’s favorite part of working at SLI is the one-on-one interactions with the clients. “I like that I can take something the doctor says that they find confusing and put it into words that they can make sense of,” said Erin. She also enjoys working with the clients and helping them accomplish what they can, to gain and keep their independence.
When Erin is not working she enjoys cheering on the Topeka Pilots. Erin and her cousin take their kids to almost every home game. She also loves to read and square dance. In fact, one of the things that most people do not know is that she graduated from square dance lessons at 5 and is a former Associate Caller for the Northeast Kansas Square Dance Callers Association.
Growing up, Erin was a major “tomboy.” She was always climbing in trees or on the roof of the house. Her grandma always threatened to call the fire department to get her out. One day, Erin got her foot wedged in between two branches and couldn’t get it out. She was wearing high top hiking-style boots so she couldn’t slip her foot out. Somehow she ended up hanging upside down as she tried to get unstuck and her grandma followed through on her threat to call the fire department to get her down!
Erin is looking forward to February and doing something nice and relaxing because it is her birthday month. She is also looking forward to planning her daughter’s birthday party in March.