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SLI Nutrition Program

 March 2019

Nutrition Program

SLI has created a new nutrition program with the goal to educate clients and staff on nutritional components of their current food choices, how to replace with healthier choices, simple cooking skills, portion sizes and more.

Through the nutrition program, participants are doing a cookbook with 75 simple recipes that cover the five basic diets commonly prescribed. It will include a diabetic diet, low-sodium diet, low-fat diet, gluten-free diet and GERD (gastroesophageal reflux disease). The program will also incorporate fitness activities such as walking at the mall, going to the lake, walking in their neighborhoods, dancing and other active outings clients enjoy.

The program started with a visit to every home during meal time to involve clients with cooking their own foods. There will also be upcoming classes on the weekend for Independent Living clients to provide them with the opportunity to learn the same concepts and give everyone a chance to learn how to live a healthy life!


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