SLI Covid Protocols

SLI is doing all we can to keep ourselves and our community healthy, informed, and educated about the COVID-19 global pandemic. Please review the information below for the current procedures and protocols of the organization. Information will be updated as changes occur.

Effective January 17, 2022, SLI Covid procedures are as follow:

  • SLI will be keeping all clients who are in SLI community living isolating in their homes. We have got to slow the spread of the exposures and positive tests and this is the only way that this will be possible.

  • No visitors will be allowed at any of the SLI homes or the building at 3401 Harrison. The exception is for immediate family members and guardians of clients who may visit them at their home by calling ahead and letting staff know what time you plan to visit, arriving with a surgical mask or letting staff know you need one before you enter the home, must not have been exposed or traveled outside of the state in the last 10 days, must not have a fever, must visit with your loved one in their bedroom away from other clients and staff.

  • All staff are encouraged to participate in virtual meetings rather than in person when at all possible.

  • All staff must wear surgical, not cloth masks. These will be made available at the front reception desk for those who need some.

  • Sanitization practices, including UV treatment, are continuing to take place and staff are encouraged to disinfect surface areas in which they have been in contact.

  • SLI continues to follow the recommendations and directives of the Shawnee County Health Department.

  • We are doing our best to keep up with tracing and keeping everyone informed.

  • These protocols will remain in effect until further notice but at a minimum through the end of January.


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