SLI Covid Protocols

SLI is doing all we can to keep ourselves and our community healthy, informed, and educated about the COVID-19 global pandemic. Please review the information below for the current procedures and protocols of the organization. Information will be updated as changes occur.

Effective March 7, 2022, SLI Covid procedures are as follow:

  • SLI’s Community Integration Program (day services) will re-open with its normal regular hours. SLI will begin providing transportation to and from other day providers for clients who attend a day provider other than SLI.
  • SLI’s offices will be back open to the public. We will require our visitors to wear masks.
  • SLI employees who are vaccinated, both at the office and in the homes, may choose whether or not they wear a mask.
  • When welcoming visitors, we highly encourage all staff to wear a mask and social distance as much as possible
  • All non-vaccinated staff must continue to wear a mask while on duty.
  • Anyone wishing to visit someone in the day program who cannot make arrangements to visit them in their home must call ahead to schedule a date and time. This will help us better track all visitors to the building in the event of another spike.
  • Our homes have remained and will continue to remain welcoming to immediate family and guardian visits. All visitors will be required to wear a mask and limit visits to your loved one's personal bedroom/space.
  • Family members/guardians may feel free to pick your loved one up for visits to your home or community activities. We just ask that you assist your loved one to follow safety protocols such as wearing a mask if able, frequent hand washing, and social distancing.

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