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Client Successes

SLI celebrates our clients' successes. Read their stories below...


ESCAPE photoE.S.C.A.P.E. is a new group created by Targeted Case Management (TCM) which stands for empowerment, socialization, caring, attitude, positivity and entertainment. SLI Case Managers hope it will attract the attention of more female clients, ages 18-30, in the following months.

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Arab Shrine Circus

Circus1SLI clients enjoyed the annual Arab Shrine Circus on February 17 at the Kansas Expocentre.

Circus2Various performers and circus animals set the stage for a wonderful show that was appreciated by all clients who attended.

They even had the opportunity to get some light up toys to enjoy!

Staying Warm!

Staying warmStaying warm with all of the cold weather, SLI clients have come up with creative activities they can do inside. One of the activities that has been popular is putting together puzzles!

Check out the awesome swan puzzle in the photo just finished by clients and staff after working on it for a couple of weeks.


MelissaMelissa at graduation [click to enlarge]Melissa was born in 1963 to Bob and Audrey Smith in Houston, Texas. It was early in infancy that her parents began to question their pediatrician that something was wrong with Melissa.

At the age of 8 months Melissa was hospitalized and a new pediatrician diagnosed her with congenital familial dysautonomia. Melissa's doctor gave her father a medical reference book to read. The book had several columns of the documented information on the disorder that Melissa was diagnosed with.

Even though Bob and Audrey had little information, they were relieved to finally find out what was wrong with Melissa.

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Earl and the catch of the dayEarl and the catch of the day [click to enlarge]Earl came from a family who never overcame the cycle of poverty. Born in 1940, he lived with his mother and worked on their farm his entire life until she passed away.

Given the era in which he was born and the family's economic difficulties, Earl was not afforded the opportunity to receive appropriate services.

When Earl became an adult he was diagnosed with dependent personality syndrome, which is characterized by a long-standing need for a person to be taken care of and a fear of being abandoned or separated from important individuals in his or her life.

Dependent personality syndrome causes individuals to have great difficulty making everyday decisions without an excessive amount of advice and reassurance from others.

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Chuck Martin

Chuck MartinChuck Martin [click to enlarge] In Loving Memory of Charles "Chuck" Martin June 20, 1938 - July 23, 2016

"Chuck's life was a gift to his many friends and his family, all of whom are better people for having known him. We know that God did not choose Chuck to be less than anyone. We believe He chose Chuck to be stronger, braver and more compassionate than anyone else and he was."

- The Chuck Martin Family

Charles "Chuck" Martin was born in 1938. While his father was gone from home during World War II, his family lived in Topeka with his grandparents.

Even though Chuck had been diagnosed with a developmental disability, his grandmother taught him how to read, a skill that people with his level of disability normally didn't have. He loved reading the newspaper, magazines and books throughout his life.

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John being interviewedJohn [click to enlarge] A client of SLI for 29 years, John once enjoyed an independent life but now needs total care. Prior to SLI, John was living in his own home, held a job and had a girlfriend.

That was all before he had a fall that left him paralyzed.

He once worked one-on-one with children at Kansas Neurological Institute and gained a new perspective as a result.

"Providing persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities the opportunity to share themselves with the community through volunteering or work should be a priority." John said. "The general public judges individuals with disabilities too quickly, which is too bad. They need to understand who we are,"

John indicated how it hurts when people laugh or stare at him because they just don't understand.

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DianeDiane [click to enlarge] Blind at birth, Diane has overcome many obstacles in life. Diane has been an SLI client since 1990. She really enjoys giving back to the community that has provided for her through volunteering and activities supported by SLI.

"We all are capable of giving back just as much, or more than we receive. Everyone at SLI has something to offer to the community where we live," said Diane.

Diane has a spunky spirit and lives her life to make the best of whatever comes her way. She teaches braille at the Capper Foundation to others who are blind. She also enjoys greeting customers and bagging items at their gift shop and is happiest when she is busy. Diane is a member of a choir and believes that music makes people happy, which is another way that she is able to give back to her community.

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