Supported Employment Program

Supported Employment Program is provided for clients that commit to a 24-module curriculum that emphasizes work ethics, interview skills and appropriate behavior.  This program pays minimum wage with a job coach for individuals that want to find community employment.  

The module curriculum is set up with job readiness modules that focus on job development and general vocational skills, a combination of skill building with hands-on learning, class room participation and computer programs.  Each client learns what is expected of employees, interview skills, appropriate behavior/grooming, resume building and how to fill out a job application. Clients are encouraged to choose work that appeals to them.  Supported employment is giving our clients the opportunity to learn skills within their abilities, make choices and learn responsibility.  The programs three work areas include janitorial, auto detailing and landscaping.  

Alan's Story

When the SLI Supported Employment program began, it consisted of one cleaning crew that worked at the SLI office. Since then, the program has seen tremendous growth and is now comprised of cleaning, car detailing and landscaping crews. 

The cleaning crew has expanded out into the community with cleaning the Prevention and Recovery Services (PARS) office building twice a week. They dust, clean and vacuum the offices, hallways, main areas and board room.

Alan, a member of the cleaning crew since it was formed in late 2013, enjoys being able to work in the community. “It is different than working at the SLI office building because they don’t know us as well, and we don’t know them as well either. It is close to what it would be like at a regular job,” said Alan. He has applied for jobs in the community and interviewed, but has yet to find the right job. While he continues to look for jobs outside of the Supported
Employment Program, he learned the skills and knowledge to succeed as part of the SLI cleaning crew.

Max Wilson, Interim Executive Director of PARS, is more than impressed with the SLI cleaning crew. “We are very pleased with the SLI cleaning crew. They are courteous, efficient and thorough and often times we do not even know they are here. We take pride in our building due to a lot of people in and out because of workshops and other activities. The SLI cleaning crew has greatly helped to improve that appearance. We are grateful for their hard work and for the opportunity to support SLI individuals in their learning,” said Max. 

The growth of the SLI Supported Employment Program has just started. “I hope that by working at PARS it helps improve the public view of SLI. All of the volunteering and different jobs show how hard of workers we can be,” said Alan.

For further information contact:
Tandy Kimbrough, Director of Admissions and Habilitation
(785) 233-2566