Pathway for Hope - Ty Johnson

Thank you to Pathway for Hope and Country Legends 106.9 for featuring SLI person served Ty Johnson and for the gift of an iPad and Proloquo2Go, symbol-supported communication app.

Ty, 15, was diagnosed with mild mental disability, apraxia (hinders the ability to talk), trisomy q23-8 monosomy on chromosome 10 (an abnormality on chromosome 10 which affects the physical appearance), attention deficit disorder and microcephaly (result of the brain developing abnormally) at a very young age. Ty also has mild hearing loss which affects his speech and communication skills.  

Due to issues with fine motor skills Ty has been unable to perform many of the signs associated with American Sign Language so he has developed his own form of sign language and communication. It is hard for Ty to communicate his thoughts with individuals that are not familiar with his created sign language and will become agitated and upset. With the new iPad and communication tools, Ty now has the ability to effectively communicate with everyone.

Ty currently lives at home with his mother, Wendy, and younger twin sisters. While at school Ty uses an iPad for communication however, the cost of an iPad and the program used for communication was well beyond what the family can afford. Ty and all of his family are grateful for the gift that Pathway for Hope has supplied their family!

You can hear more of Ty's story here: