Person of Interest: Megan


    Megan is a member of the CIP program at SLI and is described as a very hard worker, always helpful and energetic by the staff. Megan has been a part of  CIP since May, and has just recently become a part of the residential program. She has moved into the 19th Street location and enjoys hanging out with her roommates.
    Megan also recently became a part of the car detailing work crew. She says it is fun but a lot of hard work. She is motivated to keep working hard though because she wants to save up money to purchase a robot that is controlled by a computer program!
    When she is not working, Megan enjoys spending her time in CIP by playing cards with her boyfriend, Alan. Their favorite game to play is King in the Corner. Megan also loves spending time with dogs and has  a couple of her own that she loves. She is hoping that one day they will be able to live with her!
    Megan continues to grow daily and become more involved in the many activities of CIP. We are proud to have her as a part of SLI!