Community Integration Program

Community Integration Program (day services) focuses on life-enhancing activities, active learning and community involvement.  The program keeps individuals engaged in activities, volunteering in the community, learning daily living skills and teaching responsibility.  

The program is designed to:
• keep them engaged in a variety of activities
• choose learning experiences
• volunteer in the community
• learn nutrition
• learn daily living skills
• teach responsibility 

We offer services that reflects the individual’s interest and supports their individual growth. All areas of life are valued and are part of the program agenda.  We look at nutrition, daily living skills, fun, responsibility, relationships, exercise and personal interest knowing good emotional and physical health makes the lives of our persons served better.

Below are stories of our persons served in CIP and how they continue to grow each and every day.  

Rena's Story

Rena, a beautiful individual and a resident of SLI, has had a lifelong dream of attending a Janet Jackson concert. Rena follows Janet using our Community Integration Program's computer lab and saw that Janet Jackson is performing at the Sprint Center in Kansas City on October 27th. With the support of SLI donors and staff, Rena’s dream will soon come true!  ServPro has also donated a night’s stay in Kansas City for Rena.

If one were to ask any question about Miss Jackson, Rena would have a very interesting answer.   For instance, when asked about her favorite thing about Jackson, Rena responded, “I like the way she dresses, puts on makeup, and presents herself.  She’s classy.”  Besides listening to Janet Jackson, Rena revealed that she likes to draw and every now and then, enjoys reading. Eating and listening to music outside is quite relaxing to this wonderful resident.  The best part about SLI, according to Rena, is the computer room because she can watch her favorite singer in there.  Her advice to everyone reading this is: “Janet says everybody needs a retreat place to go to when you’re upset.”  

Here is a short clip of Rena receiving the news that she'll be going to the concert! 

Melissa's Story:

Melissa has been a part of SLI for many years at this point. Before becoming a part of the SLI team, Melissa was staying at KNI and the Behavioral Resource team there worked closely with SLI staff to create and implement positive behavior supports that would allow Melissa to live in a community setting.

When Melissa chose to also become a part of CIP, she was known to not want to take part in any activities, not talk to anyone and isolate in a room by herself. The CIP team went to work to see if changing the expectations for participation and the change of setting could assist Melissa to be able to take part in some activities throughout the day.

Melissa was offered activities and her peers talked to her whether she initiate or responded. It was a little confusing for her in the beginning but almost immediately saw positive changes in her life. She still struggles with displaying aggression but the behavior has decreased significantly. Melissa now participates in many activities each day such as walks with the group, art and craft projects and to trips to the store. She continues to grow and want to do more and more!

CIP Craft

The above stories tell the SLI story and how the CIP staff supports individuals.  Our staff is always looking for ways to offer more opportunities for our persons served to gain independence.  With new technology and other resources we are able to build new and motivating experiences into every day.  SLI has an accessible computer lab, full kitchen to learn cooking skills and a job coaching program that is a true reflection of the individuals who choose to enroll in our Community Integration Program.  

For further information contact:
Tandy Kimbrough, Director of Admissions and Habilitation
(785) 233-2566


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