Client Stories:  Because of SLI, I Can...


Because of SLI, I can rely on SLI staff to help me.

Larry takes great pride in the home he lives in and always wants it to look its best. He is very excited that Spring is on its way because that means he can take care of the yard once again. Larry enjoys being able to mow the lawn and is looking forward to gardening. He would even like to plant some flowers this year. There are two kittens, Molly and Mikey, that come around the house that everyone enjoys taking care of.


Larry enjoys cooking with his house staff. His favorite things to make are breakfast foods - pancakes, french toast and oatmeal. He is very adamant that microwaving is not cooking and proud that he can do more than that!

In addition to taking pride in his home life, Larry also takes pride in his volunteer work. He volunteers with Meals on Wheels up to four times a week and does park clean-up on Mondays.

Larry enjoys just being outside and having long talks with the staff. In fact, spending time in the Community Integration Program and being around his friends and SLI staff is his favorite part of SLI.

Because of SLI, I am independent.

Janell loves to be very active. Because of this fact, she is currently studying for her driver’s license. Her current goal is to be prepared to take her test within six months.
Janell has just begun studying and will soon move forward with staff quizzing her for more preparation. Once she receives her license, Janell wants to save money to purchase a
car. She is very excited at the idea of driving herself to places and not always rely on
staff for transportation.

In addition to studying, Janell spends a lot of her time volunteering. She is currently volunteering at the Topeka Rescue Mission three days a week and at Meals on Wheels when she can. She likes volunteering at both places but really likes the interaction that comes with Meals on Wheels. “Sometimes we are the only people they will see in a day and I like brightening their day.”

And if you think that keeps her busy enough - you are wrong! She is also a part-time receptionist at the SLI offices and fills in when staff is out. Janell really enjoys bowling and plans to be part of Special Olympics bowling. All of this activity keeps Janell very busy and helps her grow in her independence!

Because of SLI, I am the best me I can be.

John has experienced growth and independence this year. He has been a part of SLI for 29 years, with his new found independence and his love for photography, it will be exciting to see where John can go in the future!

John’s new found independence is due to a grant from Capitol Federal® Foundation and Lewis H. Humphreys Charitable Trust, Bank of America, NA, Trustee, John can now be more independent due

to newly installed keyless entry to SLI homes. It also provides a higher level of security at each of the 19 homes. Before the keyless entry was added, John could not stay in his home by himself because he was unable to enter and exit using keys. He relied on staff and others to help him and be there if an emergency arose. Now John can use his badge to go in and out of his home. Because of this development, he is now free to be in his home alone and come and go as he would like.

John is a very talented photographer and says that is his favorite hobby. With his iPad and  dependable eye for a great photo, John’s goal is to start his own company by selling his stunningly beautiful photos to the public. This past year, he was able to make steps towards that goal and sold some of his photos at the Festival of Trees.

Because of SLI, I have a home I love.

If you have not met Mary yet, you are bound to eventually! Mary is a very friendly and outgoing person who will introduce herself to everyone because she wants to meet you. She is described by many as a social butterfly.

Mary’s family is very important to her and she loves being with her daughter.
Any activity that she can do with her family is her favorite way to spend her time.

Mary also enjoys spending her time at home reading anything and everything but her favorites are Harlequin Romances and mystery books. In addition to reading, Mary enjoys playing cards with her roommates and attending church.

Because of SLI, I volunteer in the community.

Diane’s love for music is very evident within moments of meeting her. Just ask
who her favorite artist is and she will tell you everything you need to know, but
she won’t be able to pick just one! And if you get lucky, Diane might even sing a
little bit for you!
Diane also loves going to concerts and hearing her favorite music live. She is an avid radio listener and has a special talent for calling in during contests and winning free tickets to local concerts.

She also enjoys being involved in SLI activities and the community, volunteering and spending her time at church. Diane is also a great self advocate for the blind and does not allow her blindness to stop her from doing anything. She always has a positive and cheerful attitude that makes her a joy to be around!

Because of SLI, I have a job in the community and a safe home.

Christine loves being a part of the community and is very proud of her job at Walmart. She has worked the last couple of months as a greeter. Christine enjoys talking to everyone that comes into the store and helping them with any issues.
She also is appreciative of the income that she earns because of her hard work.

When Christine is not working, she enjoys spending time with her two children and

grandchild. Going to all of their activities and events is one of her favorite things to do.

For a special treat, Christine enjoys visiting the casinos every once in a while and always has fun when she is there - even when she is not a big winner!