2018 SLI Annual Awards Nomination Form

Leadership Award:
This award recognizes a SLI employee who has consistently exemplified the SLI mission in their daily work to enhance the life of people with disabilities, has taught others purposefully and through example, has gone above and beyond their job description and is a role model for the organization. The Leadership Award winner will receive $150 in appreciation.

Sara’s Hope Award:
Sara Ratzenberger was employed at SLI as a Community Living Director and a Quality Improvement Director between the years of 2005-2012. There are constant challenges faced by staff working in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities and few who can lead others through those challenges to find solutions, overcome barriers, remain positive and uplifted and have hope. Sara was one of those few. By definition, hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes. People who are hopeful approach life by setting goals, finding ways to achieve their goals, believing that they can create change and believing in the good in others. Sara was a hopeful person. Even when she was diagnosed with stage IV lung cancer, Sara remained hopeful. This year marks 5 years since her passing. In loving memory of their daughter and in honor of an SLI staff person who displays Sara’s hopeful qualities, Sara’s parents have set up a fund to start the Sara’s Hope Award which will be given annually beginning this year. The Sara’s Hope Award winner will receive $250 in appreciation.

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