Message From the President/CEO

Letter from the CEO/President

As the holidays approach, the clients, families, staff and board of directors at SLI want to sincerely thank you for supporting our mission to help children and adults with intellectual disabilities achieve independence and actively participate in our community. Through donations from people like you, those we serve have the opportunity to participate in numerous activities, learn job training skills, daily living skills and numerous other skills that help them become more independent and live a life that is meaningful to them in a healthy and safe environment surrounded by compassion and support.

The people we serve add so much value to our community but require the supports provided at SLI in order to continue to grow and develop the skills necessary to live productively and safely.  Every penny we raise through our fundraising efforts and our commitment to financial stewardship is utilized for programs.  In fact, over 82% of our total budget goes directly into programs and services.

We are in the season of hope.  Won’t you please act on your spirit of giving and bring hope to those who really need your support and generosity.

Best wishes for a safe, healthy and happy holiday season,

Lisa Jackson